Pulmonary Care Team

The following physicians/staff do not attend clinic, but they participate in management of our patients.

Respiratory Therapist

The respiratory therapist’s responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating referrals to our experienced pulmonologists and follow-up appointments in the sleep/pulmonary clinic (phone 412-648-6161)
  • Acquiring authorization for respiratory equipment such as cough assist devices and BiPAP
  • Assessing cough and breathing function
  • Assess proper utilization of equipment for treatment of sleep disordered breathing, ventilatory dysfunction, and weak cough

The pulmonologists, especially Dr. David Kristo at UPMC Health System in the Comprehensive Lung Center can provide:

  • Recommendations for cough assists, non-invasive ventilatory assistance and mechanical ventilation.
  • A discussion of other options for ventilatory assistance.


Surgeons from Trauma and General Surgery at UPMC, especially Graciela Bauza, MD are experts in placement of gastrostomy tubes (feeding tubes) for ALS patients. They can also switch the tube to a Mic Key button and manage any complications. They coordinate feeding tube placement with Nutritional Services.

CAT (Center for Assistive Technology)

We refer patients to the UPMC and University of Pittsburgh CAT for power wheelchair evaluations, augmentative communication, specialized computer equipment, and adaptive driving and evaluation.