James L. Coyle, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-S

  • Swallow Evaluation and Management (Swallow Therapy)

Speech-language pathologists who specialize in swallowing at the ALS clinic provide the following services to patients:

  • Education to patients and families regarding dysphagia (swallowing difficulties), signs and symptoms of dysphagia, and risks associated with dysphagia.
  • Screening for dysphagia to assist patients in maintaining safe, efficient, and enjoyable eating and drinking despite disease progression.
  • Instruction to patients regarding diet modifications and adaptions to eat and drink safely and efficiently.
  • Referrals for instrumental swallowing evaluations to further assess swallow function as needed.
  • Education and instruction about respiratory interventions that may help to maintain respiratory, cough, and swallow function in patients with ALS.
  • Discussion of patient care goals for maintaining nutrition, hydration, and quality of life throughout disease progression.